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PC/software New & repair in Southampton And South Jersey Area

When you sit down in front of your computer, you just want it to work. When it doesn't, not only is it aggravating, but can be detrimental to your bottom line. Problems with your IT infrastructure can be either hardware, software or both. The equipment can be under specifications or outdated.  We are not just a "break fix" company when it comes to your "IT". "Break fix" does not look into the reason why the problem occurred. In some cases training the user is the answer.  We will address all aspects of the problem training, repairs or new equipment, because we want your computer to work for you. Contact us today!

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Hardware and Software Repairs

Some PC repairs can be as simple as a power reset or more involved like replacing the motherboard. The majority of computer problems are infection issues, which have corrupted the operating system and other software. We will remove the infections and repair or reinstall the operating system or other software. We work on all hardware issues, this includes laptops, desktops, networks (wired & WiFi) and servers. On all completed hardware repairs, the computer device is fully checked to make sure there are no other issues. If you are not sure about the repairs, give us a call. We are based in Southampton, NJ, and cover South Jersey. 

Purchase New Hardware & Software

The difference between Home and Business  hardware & software are reliability, adaptability, scalability, longevity, speed, and viability.

  • For reliability many of the business model laptops come with a free fall sensor. This sensor protects your hard drive from damage during a very fast movement or drop.
  • With adaptability, many home computers come with a home version for the operating system. This operating system cannot be used in a domain based network. The domain based network is more flexible and secure.
  • A computer that is scalable allows you to tailor the device to your business needs. For example, if you need more than one hard drive in your laptop, this can be done with a business model laptop. Most home version laptop do not have that ability.
  • Longevity comes from the material used in the manufacture of this device. The Dell Latitude E5520 is made of "armored top to bottom on the outside with a hard-wearing Tri-Metal TM casing, a brushed anodized aluminum display back, magnesium alloy internal frame, steel hinges and zinc alloy latches". This is a quote from the Dell spec sheet.
  • Businesses need more processing power and this is where the CPU comes in to play. There are many types of CPUs even among say an Intel i7. Just to get a little technical, if the L1 cache of the CPU is larger you will see an increase in processing power (speed).
  • In order for a computer system to be viable it has to be able to grow with your company. So the computer system you purchase should be able to add more memory, increase hard drive size, install additional hardware, and provide other features that will keep the system current.

There are many other reasons to purchase Business grade Hardware/Software like warranty and easy to troubleshoot, but I think I have made my case. DO NOT BUY the Home version Hardware/Software for Business use; they are not made for a business environment.

I want you to consider other hardware needs. Is your computer system and network connected to a battery backup? Sometimes your computer system or network will stop working, and you do not know why. This can occur if there is a momentary loss of power (lights flicker). This can cause programs or devices to freeze or stop working. If all of your devices are connected to a battery backup, you will receive a constant or uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to all of your devices, eliminating the program or device freeze.

Below are spec sheets on business grade computer equipment. Just click on title to view.
Please contact us, if you need more info or to purchase new equipment. Thanks!

Dell Precision T3420

Dell Latitude E5520

Dell Power Edge R430

Dell Precision15 7510

"A big thumbs up to A&O IT Solutions LLC. My older home PC was running so slowly that my husband and I were talking about getting a new one. Everything we tried did nothing to help speed it up. I happened by chance to find out about A&O IT Solutions LLC and I am very glad I did. Mr. McConnell came to our home several times to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. Also on a few occasions he took the computer with him to do the necessary work. Among other things, he scanned for viruses, put in new memory and finally reformatted the hard drive. When the new memory was not needed he took it back and refunded the money. He also applied the cost of the initial visit to the cost of the reformatting. I am so pleased with the results, and the cost was not high at all. Now, if ever we have a question, we know that we can give him a call and he will help. The computer is running very fast and it is no longer a trial to have to work on it. I highly recommend this service. Thanks a lot Bill."
- Addie and Ronnie H.
Marlton, New Jersey